Is the  colour powder safe?
Yes, our colours are safest in the market. They are non-toxic, skin friendly, fire proof, water soluble and environment friendly.


Is your colour powder certified for export?
Yes, Our colours are tested and certified for export to any country. They adhere to standards of EN-71-3, ASTM, NTC. We are already exporting our colours to many continents including America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Is your color powder certified for use in Europe?
Yes, our colours are tested and certified under European norms and we are currently exporting into many European countries. To view our En 71 test reports please fill our enquiry form by clicking here We will mail you our reports.


Is your colour powder certified for use in US?
Yes, our colours are all made using FDA certified dye and they adhere to ASTM test standards. They are freely used and loved in US


Is your powder fire proof?/Are there any unusual fire & explosion hazards with your colours?
Yes, our colours are 100% fire proof. To check out the Non explosive test report please fill in the enquiry form by clicking here . We will mail you our reports.


Can you do packet customization for us?
Yes, we understand that every customer has different requirements and we do customize our product as per your requirements. The minimum order quantity f0r customization is 1,00,000 packets.


What Packages are Offered?

  • 50 gm pack
  • 70gm pack
  • 100gm pack
  • 200gm pack
  • 500gm pack
  • 1kg pack
  • 5kg gunny bag
  • 10kg gunny bag
  • 25kg gunny bag
  • Customized packets only for bulk orders


What is holi colour powder made of?
Our Holi colour powders are made using Corn starch as base and other food grade ingredients to give them their vibrant appearance


Is it toxic?
No, our colours are Non Toxic and are safe for human use. They are certified for no oral toxicity and no irritation by National Toxicology Center, India.


Will it be dangerous if swallowed?
No, our colours are made of food grade ingredients. If swallowed mistakenly, it is unlikely to cause any problem. But this product is not meant for consumption.


Will you ship holi colour powder to my country?
Yes, we will surely ship colours to your country. Please fill in the enquiry form and complete destination address by clicking here


How long does shipping take?
We have multiple options for shipping. Generally we take 10 -25 days for production, then it depends on order quantity and customization. But for rush orders we can ship priority (2-3 days) or overnight depending upon location but colours will be from our ready stock color variants.

The standard ground shipping time taken for delivery depends on destination and mode of transportation.

Please mail your order details by clicking here and we will revert to you with approximate shipping time.

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